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Aliandsteve thm Erik on stope in Romans tmb Happy Valley Geoff David tmb Mark at Sims portal tmb Ogof Llech head tmb Tony on Ice-Bridge tmb Winze tmb JC abseiling from ore wagon Gaz on trolley in Pen Morfa pipe


Due to the large number of members who have been involved over the years in the gathering of data I do not propose to name them all, but would just like to mention a founder member Andy Lewis, without whom the major survey of the old and new mine workings would not have been produced.

Ogof Tudno

Parc Wall Trial


1850ís Survey Old Mine

The Penmorfa System

Rift 3 2002

The three attics

Carpenter Series

Map of veins and lodes

Map of veins and extras

Pyllau Shaft - top section

Pyllau Shaft - bottom

Workings off Pyllau Shaft

Romans Shaft

Orme Mines Cross Sections, 1993
Orme Mines 90-110m A.O.D. level, 1993
Orme Mines 106-112m A.O.D level, 1993
Orme Mines 115-124m A.O.D. level, 1993
Orme Mines 133-135m A.O.D level, 1993
Location Descriptions

Series of hand drawings that relate to The Penmorfa Chronicles that can be found in the articles section of this web site. Drawings and articles by Dave Wrennall.

Base map of the Orme showing positions of the veins and lodes.

Map of the Orme showing positions of the veins and lodes including the Ormesday project information.

Series of surveys by Andy Lewis reproduced with his kind permission.