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     Orme Minerals

On this page you will find links to various subjects related to the minerals of the Great Orme.

I would like to thank Rob Ixer for his kind permission to use his article on the “Mineralization at the Great Orme Mine”. I found this to be a fascinating read. Also for the use of his table on the “Potential and realizable ores from the Great Orme Mine. Take a look at his site here:  http://www.rosiehardman.com/rob.htm


Mineralization at the Great Orme Mine

Table on the potential and realizable ores at the Great Orme

List of minerals found on the Orme

Pictures of Minerals found in the Orme

Exhaustive and in-depth piece by Rob Ixer on the different aspects of mineralization on the Great Orme.

A table on the different ores from the Orme showing the results of smelting etc.

A list of minerals on the Orme compiled from different sources.

Supplied by different members of GOES.