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The Brammock Rod System is credited to Thomas Jones of Newmarket, Flintshire, the agent of the New Mine from 1827. Itwas powered originally by a Water Bucket Engine to provide power from one side of the Great Orme to the other by means of connected Flat-Rods. The animation below shows a diagrammatic view of how the system worked in simple terms, with the use of Angle Bobs to change direction.

This was later replaced with a more efficient Water Pressure Engine which used a head of water as opposed to volume. This worked in a similar way to a single cylinder steam engine, but using water pressure, so was sited further down the hill. The following animation shows the engine in operation, but without the linkages to the Brammock Rods for clarity.
Both of these systems were made redundant on the 14th October 1842 when the Penmorfa Drainage Adit was completed. The adit took eight years to dig out, and once completed allowed free drainage of the mines at sea level.