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                     1850’s Survey of the Old Mine.

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This is the only plan or section of any of the Llandudno mines known to have survived. It probably dates from the 1850’s. All other surveys drawn up while the mines were working are thought to have been destroyed in a fire at the Mostyn Estates offices (the land owners).

It only gives details of the main shafts and levels, many of which are inaccessible at this time. The engine was housed near to Vivian’s Shaft and was adapted for winding both Vivian’s and Higher Shafts. It had a vertical winding drum. Rollers are shown in position to Treweek’s Shaft. The capstan and headgear at Vivian’s Shaft were for raising and lowering the pumping equipment during maintenance work, but no other details of the pitwork or brammock rods, which were probably abandoned by this date, are shown. There was a horse-whim situated at Roman’s Shaft.

A depth of 210ft below the Penmorfa level had been reached at this time. Today, all levels and workings below the Penmorfa are flooded, as this is the lowest adit on the Orme with it being some 15 feet above sea level. Its watery depths hold a great fascination for the members of GOES, most of whom have a longing to see it pumped out.

Extensive and major workings can be accessed from the ‘breakthrough’ area of the Penmorfa, and heights of 95 metres or 313 ft can be reached at this time.

A survey of the main route up through the workings has been started by GOES members, and hopefully, this will enable new areas of the system to be discovered on completion. 

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