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The Great Orme Historical Trail now includes a partial reconstruction of the Brammock Rod System, with three of the A-frames on display. Very soon it will also include a display board explaining their function.

See how the pumping system worked here


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Great Orme Exploration Society Ltd.

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This site is dedicated to the exploits of the "diggers" of the Great Orme Exploration Society Limited past and present. It is intended to highlight our activities, discoveries and generally show off what actually holds the Great Orme up.

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                                       THE SOCIETY

In 1985 a small and somewhat diverse group of local mine explorers founded the Great Orme Exploration Society. The express intention was to study, investigate, and promote the history of 'Llandudno's Mountain', with a particular emphasis on the old mine workings. It was felt that this should be done from a 'conservation' standpoint with the intention of creating a greater awareness, among residents and visitors alike, of the rich and fascinating heritage of the Great Orme.

Membership allows the opportunity for mine exploration subject to the rules of GOES, and attendance at all functions, field trips, meetings etc.

A number of Journals and fact sheets are produced each year and distributed to members.

                                                       SOCIETY APPEAL

If you have any information, old photographs, maps, plans etc. of the Great Orme and the mines in particular, GOES would like to hear from you. This web site is designed to be the repository for all the information we can find about the mines and there must be a lot of data that we do not know about. If you have anything that you think might be useful to us in our research then please contact me. E-mail

                       Photographs and Surveys

The photographic library has been compiled from material submitted by many members over the years. One in particular was Mark Beardsall, who sadly died in 2009. All photographs are copyrighted to the original provider and should not be reproduced without written consent, any material of unknown authorship shall be copyright the Society.

The survey section has been made possible by a small, dedicated group of members. In particular I would like to thank Steve Lea for his work in this field. Again, all surveys are copyrighted to the original provider and should not be reproduced without written consent, any material of unknown authorship shall be copyright the Society.

Ali Davies has now taken on the task of managing this web site. Many thanks go out to Dave Flowers (and to Tony Davies before him) for all the hard work they spent putting these pages together in the first place.

Whilst every care is taken in researching and presenting the information contained within these pages, I or the society can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences resulting from its application and use.


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